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14.11.2010 (1355 Days Ago)
This is something about our lifes
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To This Special Person
To This Special Person
1355 days ago 1 comments Categories: Love Tags:

I dived into the millions of emotions that really did drift through my heart and tried to remember and recollect my journey through my past.
Remembering the tears and laughter, happiness and sorrow,
And I really wondered that how it was that I made my way into today.

Then I portray you in my thoughts,
And wondered how many times that you have held my hand, and guided me through the darkness and showed me the path towards light.
Then I think about the laughter that you gave me, and the happiness that you brought in my life.

For these many wonders that you have done for me,
I feel like giving you something that is really more wondrous, more precious and really more special.
It’s so special that here specialty cannot be defined.
But I am not wealthy in a monetary fashion and haven’t the means to give such a wondrous gift,
So I sit asking myself what I have to offer and just what gift is so worthy???

So I give you something special to me,
Not a material object to be looked at or used or touched and felt,
But one…
Rather a place where one can rest, ease and get mingled into serenity.
So close your eyes and take your mind before that heavenly mirror
A mirror in which you can get into, a mirror which speaks realities of life
And really lie among the temperament of nature
A place where light dances across the clear blue lakes, where the birds roar high in the heavenly blue
A place where the scent of flowers will just ease your mind, a place where you would see the spectrum of colors burning into the distance
A place where you can smell the aroma of life
A place where you are among the angels and you can be at peace in your heart

For if you can see my special place
If you wish you can call it your home
And you can always close your eyes and return there again to this special place of mine.
So please take my humble offering and visit there often
Knowing that the place is in some corner of my heart my soul
I am with you in a place in my mind

This is my special gift to you
As you are…
In every way…

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  •  Luna wrote 1352 Days Ago (positive) 
    aw this person must mean so much to you.
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